About Us


Our Story

Founded by two primas, two cousins.
In college, we took an environmental studies class to learn more about the importance of living sustainably. There we learned about the high percentage of clothes that would still end up in landfills, even after being donated to charity shops.
We started to think about how to save more clothes from landfills, including those with fixable flaws. That is when MADECASUAL was born! We started to fix, repurpose, and find new homes for all the items that we would come across. 
Our mission is to have a positive environmental impact on the fashion industry while supporting our community. 
We have always looked for ways to give back. We have now gifted over 100+ items to families in our community. As we continue to grow, we hope to be able to continue our work by sponsoring students and supporting local non-profits. 
- Karla & Guadalupe