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Karani Art

Karani Art "Lucho" Luchador 3D Beaded Tee | Small

Karani Art "Lucho" Luchador 3D Beaded Tee | Small

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• Size: S / Small
• Color: Black / Blue / Yellow
• Material: Cotton

Chest: 16.5 inches
Length: 25.5 inches

Inspired by our masked heroes inside the ring, we have “ Luchol ” represented by the different designs of Huichol art , worthy of the technicians' side. You can can feel each individual bead that makes the Luchol mask. The Karani Art T-shirts are not just another shirt but a piece of art. THEY ARE NOT HEAT-PRESSED. They are silk screen printed and handmade with the highest quality materials. Round neck and printed with a Hispanic cultural concept. Some styles have a 3D feel or pre-historic Aztec/ Spiritual Culture theme, enhancing the beauty of the designs. You will not find our multiple selections anywhere else but in Mexico.
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